Please read carefully our terms & conditions.

    1. When making an Order, you are advised to register for an Account on the Site and you must follow the instructions on the Site as to how to make your Order and for making changes to your prospective Order before you submit it to the Site.

    2. Upon selecting a Product that you wish to Order, you will then be shown on the Site the charges you must pay including taxes. Payment must be made by you within 24 hours after making an Order, otherwise the said Order will be cancelled.

    3. When you submit an Order to the Site, you agree that you do so subject to these Terms & Conditions current at the date you submit your Order. You are responsible for reviewing the latest Terms & Conditions each time you submit your Order.

    4. Seller shall not be obliged to supply the Product to you until Seller have accepted your Order. Unless expressly stating that Seller accepts your order, an email, letter, fax or other Acknowledgement of your Order by Seller is purely for information purposes and does not constitute the Confirmation of Order. In that Acknowledgement, Seller may give you an Order reference number and details of the Product you have ordered. Seller may in its discretion refuse to accept an Order from you for any reason, including unavailability of supplies or Seller may offer you an alternative Product (in which case Seller may require you to re-submit your Order first).

    5. If you discover that you have made a mistake with your Order after you have submitted it to the Site, please cancel it before Seller starts to deliver the Products to you.

    6. Seller tries very hard to ensure that the price given to you is accurate, but the price of your Order will need to be validated by Seller as part of its acceptance procedure.

    7. A Contract will relate only to those Products whose dispatch Seller has confirmed in the Confirmation of Order. Seller will not be obliged to supply any other Products which may have been part of your Order until Seller has sent a Confirmation of Order in relation to those Products.

    8. You must only submit to Seller the information which is accurate and not misleading and you must keep it up to date and inform Seller of changes.

    9. Seller aims to deliver within the time indicated by Seller at the time of your Order (and updated in the Confirmation of Order) but Seller cannot promise an exact delivery date when you submit your Order or at the Confirmation of Order. Seller always aims to deliver within the stipulated time frame of any Order which Seller accepts but Seller cannot guarantee any firm delivery dates.

    10. Seller shall aim to let you know if Seller expects that Seller is unable to meet its estimated delivery date, but, to the extent permitted by law, Seller shall not be liable to you for any losses, liabilities, costs, damages, charges or expenses arising out of late delivery.

    11. On delivery of the Product, you may be required to sign for proof of delivery. You agree to inspect the Product for any obvious faults, defects or damage before you sign for proof of delivery. You need to keep receipt of the delivered Product in case of future discussions with Seller about it.

    12. Please note that it might be impossible for Seller to deliver to some locations. If this is the case, Seller will inform you using the contact details that you provide to Seller when you make your Order and arrange for cancellation of the Order or delivery to an alternative delivery address.

    13. All risk of loss or damage of the Product shall pass to you upon delivery, except that, where delivery is delayed due to a breach of your obligations under a Contract, risk shall pass at the date when delivery would have occurred but for your breach. From the time when risk passes to you, Seller will not be liable for loss or damage of the Product.

    14. Free delivery is available for Order with a minimum quantity & subject to the available schedule.

    15. Seller may cancel a Contract if the Product is not available for any reason. Seller will notify you if this is the case and return any payment that you have made.

    16. When delivery occurred, if you wish to cancel your Order please contact Customer Service or further information.

    17. The Product is intended to be used strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's latest published instructions as set out on the Site or as on the Product itself.

    18. Seller aims to deliver Products in excellent condition. However, if the Product is faulty, you agree to keep the Product in its current condition available for Seller to inspect within a reasonable time.

    19. In order to provide you with any remedies for a faulty Product, Seller may need your assistance and prompt provision of certain information regarding the Product, including: a) you specifying with reasonable detail the way in which it is alleged that the Product is damaged or defective; and, b) you providing Seller with the delivery note number and such other information as Seller reasonably require.

    20. Seller shall not be liable to you for any loss of profit or revenues, loss of opportunity cost, loss of goodwill or reputation, loss of data or information, loss of interest, downtime loss, cost of interrupted operation of the network, anticipated saving, special damages be it foreseeable or otherwise, and / or any indirect or consequential losses whatsoever.

    21. Seller shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform any of its obligations pursuant to these Terms of Purchase or any Contract, wholly or partially, directly or indirectly, if such delay or failure is due to Force Majeure.

    22. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the Philippine Law. Any claims or dispute arising herein shall be submitted and determined by the Philippines Courts.

    Last updated: October 2023